Friday, September 21, 2012

Chester explains "good water"

Chester here! For a long time, my daddy wanted me to tell you about good water.  Today is when I'm going to tell you about good water and bad water.

See, bad water is located right next to the food in the kitchen. There's a HUGE chance that it will get dirty. And now that the Padawan cat learner is here, there's a worse chance than ever that the water will get yucky. We haven't gotten to the lesson on how to eat delicately, so he'll drop his food and then eat it off of the floor - ON PURPOSE!  Look at his face at the mention of  bad water. As you can see, even an apprentice cat won't touch the bad water.

Now, I'm going to tell you a story about good water so it helps you understand what I mean. It was my first New York City winter...and I was cold. I would sleep in mommy and daddy's bathroom on their soft bathmats to stay warm. One night, I woke up - not looking forward to the icky water - and there was a bowl of water a  few paws'-length away from me! I thought maybe I was having a dream but when I went to drink it, it was real! It was clean and fresh and I was so happy! Ever since then, I always go to the good water when I'm thirsty. (Dad put the water in the bathroom so Chester wouldn't haven't to walk to the kitchen for water when he was sleeping in the bathroom. By accident, we discovered what cats do in nature for water - they go to a stream or some other source of water, far away from their kill - mom.)

Mom tried to record me drinking good water - she doesn't understand I can't drink if someone is filming me! But here you can see how the water is in the bathroom, and not next to my food in the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My son, grandaughter, and The Kid (Garfield)

Chester here! Marla - who owns my son Guillaume and my granddaughter Guinevere - was in New York last month and visited with mom and dad. I was kinda sleepy (she was over during my afternoon nap) so Garfield entertained in my absence. 

He tried out some of the catnip foil balls she brought as a gift:

Wow, what a great toy!
I'm sure you're wondering what the kitties look like - here are some pictures of them and their buddy Miette!
Guillaume and Miette
Guinevere and Guillaume


Guillaume. They have my good looks and catitude!

Which brings me to the one that mom calls Padawan and I simply refer to as The Kid - Garfield.

He has gotten his cat legs and wants to play - all the time. I'm glad he's acting like a cat and that he can jump so high with Da Bird but he wants to play at 11:00 in the morning and 11:00 at night. Did I mention who he wants to play with - it's me. He forgets I'm retired and like to sleep. Mom and dad bought something called Bully Remedy in the hope that he chills out a little. The Kid was also pooping and peeing in the bathtub that is next to the litter box. Dad did some research and mom had to buy something called Urine Destroyer. After they cleaned out the tub, mom and dad also filled it with water. That did the trick! And luckily for them, this is a guest bathroom so they don't wash up in this bathtub.

I would like say that is all for now but I have the very worst news of all. Garfield has something called Giardia in his system...and now I have it! We are not showing any symptoms but we have to take some medicine from this plastic thing and it tastes terrible, I dribbled it a couple of times on my ruff, and once I teared up once because I didn't want to take it and mom and dad made me do it. Garfield kind of looks forward to it because I go first and he likes to copy me. And he loves to eat so he thinks it's food. He resists swallowing it once he realizes it's not something to eat - but he doesn't hate it like I do. (Tonight is the last dosage - mom).

Things are getting back to the way things were BG (before Garfield). I'm back to kneading my fleecy blankies on the couch. I've even started to hang out in the bed with mom and dad at night on the blue fleecy blanky. Best, though, is that I'm playing more than I used to. Maybe that Bully Remedy is working after all because The Kid doesn't try to play when the toy is clearly meant for me.