Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester: Daddy's photos of me

Chester here! First, let me thank all of you who left comments in the previous post with well wishes for mom and how and when you like to read cat blogs that you follow. You've given her inspiration and ideas to help us both follow other blogs regularly.

Today I'd like to share some photos that my daddy took of me in February 2011. He tends to take the close up shots of me which are so silly.  But other times, he helps me to look so handsome! 

There pictures are taken in the bathroom that has my litter box and favorite sleeping sink:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester: Mom's sick, again!

Kitty in the city Chester here. Mom is sick, again! She's been able to go to work but it has been so foggy, humid, and warm in New York City for the past week that the achy whatever it is she had a few weeks ago came back, though not as bad as before.

She couldn't sleep last night so I kept vigil with her while she tossed and turned on the futon in my room. She stayed home today - at first I thought it was because she was sick, but actually she has something called "summer Fridays" at her office and she didn't have to go to work today - yay!!!

She stayed in bed, though, so I joined her:

Then I had to make sure that she didn't go anywhere, so while she was petting me, I rearranged myself and sat on her hand:

All  in all, a good day for me!

Mom and I haven't been able to keep up with animal blogs on a daily basis - that's why she's been responding to comments directly in the comments section instead of putting comments in your blogs. I think she prefers to save a couple of months' worth of blogs to read in one sitting.

How do you read blogs - daily, a bunch at  once, or look for topics in each blog that strike your fancy and then read those?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

T is for Tuesday: What transpired after my trip outside

Exotic shorthair Chester here! Today I'll tell in words and pictures how I spent my the time after my trip outside. Once dad removed the tartan walking jacket, I had some water and then jumped on the dining room table to look out the window and view my territory. I got to see a flying machine (a helicopter -mom) and some fast boats. It was so good to be where I'm happy!

Mom still felt bad and came over to see how I was doing. I was doing just fine!

Here's my tummy:

And that's not all - she snapped a picture in-between my licking her fingers.

Here's my tongue!:

These are the last pictures of me before Sunday's bath. So much of my fur came off - my summer coat must be ready to come in!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester: Why inside is best

Chester the cat here! My hyoo-mons can't shake the idea that taking me to the outside place is something I would like to do. Listen to my wails - I don't want to go there! Taking me for a walk in the hallway outside of the apartment on my lead - that's fine. Anything that involves getting into the elevator is not good for me, ok. And I don't care that there are birds outside, 'k?

Now that we are clear that inside is better than outside, inside the inside is best. I'm attaching some pictures of inside the inside so you know what I mean:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester: 3 videos of the boy and his scratching post

Exotic Shorthair Chester here!

In July of 2011, my mom and dad went to a big cat expo in New Jersey and picked up a few toy wands for me. Mom started using one of the wands to get me to scratch on my scratching post. As strange as it seems now, I used to ignore my scratching post - I didn't know what it was for! When mom put the wand next to or on top of  the scratching post, I thought she wanted me to do tricks!

I wasn't always up to performing:

And sometimes a cat has just got to be a cat:

Hey, I did it!:

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My very favorite chair

Chester here! I wanted to share a picture of me in my very favorite chair. I like to sleep here at night. Or during the day. It's next to a window but I don't use this chair for watching my territory. If I'm awake when I'm in this chair, I can watch my humans when they are sitting on the futon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tummy Tuesday

Chester here!

Today there seems to be a lot of blogs that post pictures of things starting with "T" so I thought I'd get in the spirit of Tuesday. But before the big reveal, some of my furiends and their guardians were worried because I like to sit in places where I shouldn't - like the dishwasher. I want everyone to know that I am doing just fine. The dishwasher is dry when I sit in it and also it is not hot. My mom and dad are careful when operating appliances since they know I like to supervise and inspect them. (One time, though, mom washed her hands in my favorite sink and I got wet because I felt like resting in it immediately afterwards! Luckily, my fur didn't get any mats.) The other thing is that I never find anything good to eat among the leftovers! I only like fish but no one but me seems to eat seafood.

Ok - so here it is - my tummy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Follow me!

I've made some changes to Chester's blog for easier following! (see bottom of the page) If there are any features you recommend that I add, please let me know since both Chester and I are new to Blogger. In order to use Bloglovin' I had to add this link in this entry but you don't need to click on it - it's just there to activate this feature. -Chester's mom Janna Follow my blog with Bloglovin

**Edit 5/18: Blogger removed the "follow" button from the Navbar which is why it isn't there :( You have to go to www.blogger.com/home if you are on blogger and hit the "add" button on the top of your reading list. In "add from URL" copy and paste http://chestersmooshyface.blogspot.com/ and then click the +Add in the right and in blud.

My first Mother's Day with Chester, my fur baby

It's nearing a year that Chester has been with A. and me and he's made our home a better place.

For one thing, the room that we set aside for him for his first days I was mostly avoiding since our rabbit Harey died a couple of years prior. That was the rabbit slash guest room but it had become a junk room and where A. practiced guitar. We tidied the room up for Chester and now I use that room again for everything from synching my iPad, to reading, and napping with Chester on the futon.

When I visited my parents, I also got to see their cats, some with whom I grew up. But then one would die, another disappear after going outside, and finally my parents decided not to take the two remaining cats with them when they moved to an apartment (my sister and aunt each took one cat). I was hurt but my way of dealing with all of the loss was to close up a part of me that loved cats. Having Chester to love and care for has helped me open up to the cat person in me again. **Edit: A. is allergic to cats and has severe asthma. For some reason, he's not allergic to Chester.

And then there's Chester's greeting us when we come home. He has a different way of welcoming both my husband and I and it's just wonderful to experience after a stressful New York City day.

I think there's a lot more happiness (not to mention fur!) in our home because of Chester. I'm so happy that he's my fur child!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Animated Short of Chester

I'm playing with different things to do with Chester's videos. Here's one of him licking his face after eating.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chester's head shot?

Chester here! I can't believe it's been a week since my last entry. I'm going to have to remedy that right now! Mom has been taking lots of pictures of me again. She snapped a bunch with her flat screen thingy with the games for cats on it (iPad -mom) and one of them looks like what mom says actors call a "head shot". Do they give acting awards for animals?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mom's staycation

Chester here. I was expecting the usual to happen after those two days that my humans stay at home with me  but mom surprised me and didn't leave the apartment for most of the day yesterday! And she hasn't left today yet, either! It turns out she's on a staycation. This sounds a lot like what I do all the time but for people it means that they do it for only a few days.

I'm not sure why but when humans talk about anything with "-cation" in it, others want to know what they "did." I didn't like the first part - mom and dad took me outside in my walking jacket and leash for the first time. More on that in another blog entry.  I'm sure you all want to see what I looked like, though ::sigh:: Please whatever you do, DO NOT tell the other cats and dogs about this.

Then they went out for a birthday dinner for mom at a french bistro - I can't pronounce the name. (It's La Boite en Bois Chester's mom.)

Mom also slept and slept and slept. I did, too.

Here I'm sleeping on mom's hand - she wanted it back after awhile but it was very comfy.

On Monday she went out of the house to get a 20-minute neck and back massage. Even though she slept so much, her neck and upper back were still really tight from the stress of her dad being sick, the virus she had that made her so achy and worn out, her big work project, and insomnia. She says it really helped and was only $20! I get my neck rubs for free but for a human that's a "good deal".

Ok, I'm sure you're dying to see another picture of me in my "walking jacket". My human parents have been doing practice runs with me in the apartment hallway so I get used to the harness. Dad took this picture of me - it's from before I started shedding so I look a little scruffy: