Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I sploot - do you?

Hi it's Garfield - mew mew!

Just in case you think splooting is just for dogs, I had my ma make a short video of me showing one way that I like to sploot!  Oh, in case that word is new to you, it's when I put my legs straight back behind me!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Exotic Shorthair Chester presents 3 videos starring him!

Chester here! I have an update about my condition. The good news is that I am no longer getting drops. The bad news is that the vet couldn't figure out what is wrong with me and now I have to go to a pet dermatologist on Tuesday. I might have allergies! Oh - did I mention that the only reason that I'm not getting the drops anymore is so I can get bacteria back in my ears for the dermatologist. Yucky!

It's hard being me but you wouldn't know because I am such a professional when it comes to my videos! I'd like to share 3 that I haven't posted here before!

The first video is a new fleecy blankie video. I still love fleecy blankies!

The next is me resting on a vacuum cleaner hose!

The last one also features Garfield - it's me in a box. I have some very enigmatic expressions - what could I be thinking?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exotic shorthair cat as statue

Chester here! Sorry that it's been like since forever since my last entry but I've been sick. I have an infection in both ears and conjunctivitis. Ma has been giving me drops (and she just won't stop) - it's so annoying! 

Here is a picture of me and I think I look like a statue in it!