Monday, November 26, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester in "Massage Cat"

Chester here! I highly recommend my video called "Massage Cat". Be careful, though - it's so relaxing that you might fall asleep like I did!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mom is very thankful today

This entry almost never happened. I actually did walk away from the computer after thinking that my heart isn't in the same place as the one that started this blog. But then, I thought about the happiness Chester and Garfield have brought into my life and realized that I'm so thankful that they are part of our family. 

Part of the reason why I started this blog was to share pictures and videos of Chester but both cats are so much more than the "cute" I originally wanted to feature. Chester and Garfield have been there for me and I for them and I love them so much.

Both cats come to my husband and I after we come home from work. And if we don't shower them with affection immediately, they follow us around until we respond. Chester currently likes to lick my fingers and flops on his side for my husband to rub his belly. Garfield prefers to sniff us and I'll pet the base of his tail and around the sides of his mouth and underneath his chin while my husband takes out a toy for Garfield to chase.

 This is a video from March 2012 of Chester saying hello when I come home from work

After we've all settled in, well, Garfield wants to play! Chester doesn't have Garfield's energy and he'll either watch from a vantage point of a box or a blanket after a nice kneading session, but lately he's been joining Garfield in the fun.

So thank you Chester and Garfield for being part of my life and my husband's, too!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Copy cat Garfield

Meow, meow, mew, mew. Where is everyone? Hi there, I'm Garfield! Meow, meow!!


Thanks Garfield. Chester here! Garfield got bored and went to look at birds out the window.

In my last blog entry, I posted a video of me licking mom's finger and getting a face rub and then Garfield walked in front of my face and I sneezed and sneezed!

Mom felt bad and gave Garfield a face rub, too. So here's a video of Garfield, getting a face rub!

The Kid sure likes attention - he even started meowing when dad was watching a concert video of some band called Depeche Mode! Do you think Garfield can be a lead meower in a band?

Friday, November 9, 2012

An update from Chester and a new Chester video.

Exotic Shorthair Chester here!

Wow, Mom stayed home with me all of last week and daddy was also home for a few days. There was a very bad storm but we were lucky - it only made our apartment sway and creak. Once, mom started to close the window shade but I got worried so then she closed it only halfway. This is me relaxed that I can look outside (if I wanted to).

This is me and The Kid after the storm.

And this is The Kid sleeping after mom played with him. She couldn't go to work for a week because the power was out in the building where she works!

I haven't been posting many new videos featuring me so I thought I'd post a new one in which I clean mommy's finger. Also, if you ever want to see *all* of Garfield and my videos, you can see them on my YouToob Channel called ChesterSmooshyFace .

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Garfield the Cat's makeover: 4 months later

Janna here for Chester who is sleeping right now. It's been over 4 months since Garfield became a member of our family and you'd never know by looking at him now that he was once a neglected cat. His fur has grown in beautifully and I wanted to document the dramatic "after". Just a note that I refer to his toy as "Da Bird" - of course it's the mouse by the same company!