Sunday, May 13, 2012

Follow me!

I've made some changes to Chester's blog for easier following! (see bottom of the page) If there are any features you recommend that I add, please let me know since both Chester and I are new to Blogger. In order to use Bloglovin' I had to add this link in this entry but you don't need to click on it - it's just there to activate this feature. -Chester's mom Janna Follow my blog with Bloglovin

**Edit 5/18: Blogger removed the "follow" button from the Navbar which is why it isn't there :( You have to go to if you are on blogger and hit the "add" button on the top of your reading list. In "add from URL" copy and paste and then click the +Add in the right and in blud.


  1. Hi Chester! We're always learning new stuff with this Blogger business, aren't we... purrs

  2. Looks good! Hope you get many followers!


  3. We hope you get a lot of followers. We follow people through Google Reader now which makes it easier and quicker for us.

    Truffle and Brulee