Friday, October 12, 2012

Garfield...less wrestling, more litter boxes, and Mastering Da Bird

Chester here! There have been some changes apaw.

The Kid (Garfield) isn't wrestling with me as much as before (this is very good). Ma is hoping it's the Bully Remedy .One of the humans who looked after me and The Kid when the folks were away on holiday last week believes it cuz Garfield had to depend on me while ma and dad were gone. I'm just glad he's letting me nap and stare at ma like BG (before Garfield).

The other news is that Garfield now has two new litter boxes of his very own. When mom and dad were away, he started pooping behind one of the bathroom doors!  So now there's one box behind that door and one box in the bathtub (the humans drained the water - you can see this blog post for some background on the water in the bathtub). Dad isn't thrilled with the litter box in the bath but mom says she'd rather have Garfield using a litter box in a bathtub than using a rug as a litter box.

Amidst all of this new stuff, The Kid has mastered Da Bird - I think he's now better than me. Here's another demonstration, but put your volume down because it has a loudish and punky song:


  1. We think we need some of that bully remedy around here.. Good to know it's helping!
    Wow has he mastered Da Bird! I love it when he carried off his prey! MOL great work Garfield!

  2. He's really enthusiastic about da bird. Looks like Garfield has got it figured out!

  3. Garfield is really getting up there, expecially for a plush kittie.

  4. Glad to hear things are going better with Garfield. We just got a new attachment for our daBird and we can't wait to start playing with it.