Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Continuing Litter Box Saga

As you may remember from these entries, Garfield was pooping outside the box and I thought we solved this problem.

That was until 2 weeks ago when Garfield started leaving quarter-sized and even larger diarrhea (which I'll refer to as "D") outside and sometimes in the box. I at first thought it was from the hubby giving Garfield the leftovers of Chester's wet food to which we add Benefiber. Then I believed it could be a hair ball so I gave Garfield Petromalt only one time which seemed to make the D worse.

From when we ordered the second mega litter pan  in the mail
A week ago Monday or Tuesday, my hubby and Garfield paid a visit to the vet. The doctor suspected something was wrong with his GI tract (Giardia was later ruled out) so she gave him an antibiotic. Garfield responded immediately and loved the Greenies pill pocket, not to mention the medicine.

Well, last night, Garfield did a huge and stinky poop outside the box. Followed by a huge D puddle outside the box. Ditto on the D this morning, followed by a few quarter-sized Ds in the box. The hubby was going to call the vet's office when it opened for business but I was still worried. That was until...Garfield expelled the most disgusting gak puddle you ever did see with a thumb-sized hair ball!  We have never been so happy to have to clean up a mess. And I was sooo happy that I bought this Nature's Miracle for Cats.

Garfield wants to play with the furminator

This is the second fur ball that Garfield has upchucked so we will need to speak to the vet about prevention. We do have a furminator - I guess we need to use it more. Garfield doesn't like to be brushed but he doesn't mind getting furminated in the bathroom.

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