Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun with cat gifs

Lately I have been posting some gifs that I made from Chester and Garfield's videos. I find that (in general) the gifs generate more notes on Tumblr versus pictures that I post. It's also interesting how a few short seconds of a gif are able to show some physical humor that might go unnoticed in a longer video.

Here is the video I made of Chester and Garfield on the bathroom counter and gifs. The boys hang out in the bathroom while I get ready for work and wait for rubs and toys in the form of dental floss or Q-tips!


  1. Such good little helpers :)
    Do they pick your eye shadow or lipstick color?

    1. Yes, whatever lipstick one of them knocks off of the counter is what i wear that day ;)

  2. Truffle and Brulee would hang out on my sink if I left them any room to sit!

    Happy Easter to our furriends and their humans.

    Truffle and Brulee