Saturday, January 24, 2015

Exotic shorthairs Chester and Garfield hang out in the hallway

It's Garfield - mew, mew! There's nothing that Chester and me like more than anything else ever is to go to the place outside of the door. It's such an amazing place but for some reason we are not allowed to go there much. And when we do get to go, we don't get to stay there for very long. This is unfortunate, because I would like to nap there sometime! Anyway, here is a video with me, Garfield and Chester and we are in the place outside of the door!


  1. You are so cute - one batting the other - hope you got the nap!

    1. That was me - Garfield! I was trying to get Chester to have some fun but he wasn't interested. He can be very serious sometimes! I did get to nap but not outside. One of these days, I hope!