Friday, November 9, 2012

An update from Chester and a new Chester video.

Exotic Shorthair Chester here!

Wow, Mom stayed home with me all of last week and daddy was also home for a few days. There was a very bad storm but we were lucky - it only made our apartment sway and creak. Once, mom started to close the window shade but I got worried so then she closed it only halfway. This is me relaxed that I can look outside (if I wanted to).

This is me and The Kid after the storm.

And this is The Kid sleeping after mom played with him. She couldn't go to work for a week because the power was out in the building where she works!

I haven't been posting many new videos featuring me so I thought I'd post a new one in which I clean mommy's finger. Also, if you ever want to see *all* of Garfield and my videos, you can see them on my YouToob Channel called ChesterSmooshyFace .


  1. That must have been lovely having your mummy and daddy with you last week. We are so glad you are all safe and sound indoors. Your apartment swayed??? Wow, mummy thinks that sounds pretty scary. Stay safe and snuggly :)xx

  2. So happy to hear everyone is safe and sound! Looks like The Kid was really worried bout that storm! HaHaMeow!

  3. What a cutie! We're so glad you got through the storms!