Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another window sill and another sink!

Chester here. I'm taking over blogging duties so I don't have to be stuck in the comments section! 

For everyone who's new here, mommy switches between telling the story of how I first came to my new home and reporting on stuff going on now.   I'm going back to July 2011 -  that's when I've been in my forever home about a month. And when I found another window sill and another sink!

See all of those trees behind me? That's Central Park!

How great is this place!?! Mom took this when I was fast asleep. You can see all of my patterning - I have stripes on my flanks and my legs! But I have spots on my back and sides!

See that piece of paper? That came with something mommy and daddy bought called Eye Envy. I hate the stuff but I have to admit that it *does* get all of the brown from my tearing off of my nose and around my eyes. And I bet you didn't know I have a pink nose. Oh yeah - I'M IN THE SINK!

 Still here!

Just checking things out. That spoon is dirty!

And that's the tour of the sink!

I can't wait until the summer comes back - that sink was a comfy place!



  1. Thanks for the information on Eye Envy. Brulee's eyes tear and stain pretty bad and Mom Paula has been hunting something to clean them with.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Hi there Chester. You look so happy in the sink. You are such a handsome boy. Glad you have such a good home. Take care.

  3. Hey, Chester. That Sink looks like a great place for a nap, as long as the beans look before they turn on the water. Otherwise, it could get messy.

  4. BOL! Chester you're funny :) You look quite comfy in your sinks :) Luv the view from your window :)

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Our human sez she will have to try that Eye Envy stuff on Sissy. We aren't sure about the kitchen sink...therz water sometimes and we hate water!

  6. I should try sink sitting! You sure are a cutie pie!