Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chester in a view to a kill

Chester here. Mommy remembered that her sister wanted her to post videos of Chester. Aunt Steph doesn't care what the videos look like but mommy thought one of the videos was too long. So, she went to YooToob and did stuff to it. And lookit - a new video of me!

I have a YooToob page if you want to see other videos of me. Mom wanted me to mention that most of them are like "home moovees".


  1. We enjoyed watching that video of you Chester. We post our videos on YouTube, too.

    Truffle and Brulee

    1. Thanks! I subscribed to your videos on YooToob. BTW - my mommy put that Eye Envy stuff on me today and it took my eye crusties right off! I don't stain but it's supposed to help staining after 3 applications! -Chester

  2. Chester, that was great. We think your human needs to run around a bit more with that toy, though, really get it going. We insist our human run around like mad with our toys almost every day--it's the only exercise she gets! :-D

  3. Hi, Chester! Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting our blog. We must say you are one very handsome mancat! Love the pink feather!