Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mom talks about my fleecy blankie video in another fleecy blankie video

Chester here. Mommy has been very busy. She came home late from work last night - I was so happy to see her! - but then she left again to go to the gym. I'm not sure what she does there - maybe they have people-sized scratching posts and larger toys on wands to chase! 

She thought it would be a good idea to put another video on my blog because she's still busy. Today she and daddy have to go to Queens, New York for Passover. I'm not sure what that is but it involves eating fish so it must be something good!

After we made my first fleecy blankie video, mommy felt bad. She thought that she had to explain herself and she made *another* video of me and my fleecy blankie. She's so funny - she still doesn't get that a lot of what I do is to train her. It's very confusing for me but she seems to be learning!

Anyway, here's part 2 of me and my fleecy blankie!


  1. Training peeps IS hard, isn't it. I feel your pain buddy... I feel your pain.

  2. What a beautiful tradition Passover is! Too bad you can't go though. You should put that kneading energy into bread and open up a bakery!! As always you are so cute!