Thursday, July 26, 2012

Garfield the Cat: Decisions

Walking home, I started whining that I felt bad for Garfield. Andy knew where this was going so he went through a very long and persuasive (and sometimes ridiculous) list of reasons why he would make someone else - but not us - a good cat. This list included: he would scratch up the furniture, how do we know that he is housebroken, what if he doesn't use the litterbox, Chester hates other cats, Chester will beat him up, one cat is enough, what if I'm allergic (Andy has severe asthma and allegies and is allergic to cats - but not to Chester), etc.

At home, I posted pictures (with captions about Garfield along with contact information) to social networking sites and contacted other bloggers in the NYC area. I even e-mailed the links to the rescuer to show her that I was making good and publicizng Garfield.

I woke up in the middle of the night and wept about the cat - his plight and that I couldn't help him. Then, I made a decision - I e-mailed the rescuer and told her that I wanted to be considered as someone who could adopt Garfield and could she bring Garfield over for a couple of hours to see how he and Chester got along.

Not only did I receive a yes answer the next morning, but Lisa offered to drop Garfield off that day for a two-week stay!

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  1. We purring really hard that Garfield and Chester will get along.