Friday, July 20, 2012

Garfield the Cat: It's hot outside

Further to the speculation that this was fate is just how many delays there were involving this errand and how we ran into it on that day. As to Andy setting this up, no way, no how ;)

And now back to the story. When we got to the cat's crate, I noticed that his body was moving up and down very quickly in his ribcage area indicating to me that he was breathing fast. I grew worried because flat faced cats (and dogs) can have breathing problems under certain conditions that other cats (and dogs) don't (the other cats were breathing normally). I couldn't tell who was with the adoption event but I asked and found the woman who was overseeing this cat. I explained my concern and said that the cat needed to be inside where there was air conditioning (it was a very hot day, another reason I didn't want to go on the errand). I can't remember the exact exchange but she said there were ice packs underneath the towel lining the bottom of the cage and they were thinking about bringing him inside. I believe it was at that point that one of the volunteers began brushing the cat with a small slicker brush that quickly filled with a lot of fur.

Sadly, we had to leave in order to make our appointment.

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  1. No don't leave!! Well, at least we know that the story has a happy ending!!!

    He is very cute!