Thursday, August 2, 2012

Garfield's New BFF Chester

Mom Janna here. Just to wrap up Garfield's story, after about 3 days it was clear that the boys were on the road to getting along. Neither Chester nor Garfield wanted to do a slow introduction so we accelerated the process so that each step took a day that the cat behaviorists recommend to follow for a week.

Garfield was dropped off to us on a Monday and we decided to take him to Chester's vet on the Saturday when Chester was scheduled for his yearly check up.  The vet confirmed that Garfield was healthy, even more so than Chester who has small nostrils and meets most criteria of brachycephalic syndrome, or not-so-great breathing because of his flat face. I contacted Lisa and informed her that all was working out and could we complete the adoption process. She congratulated me and informed me that because I already filled out the forms, paid the adoption fee, received a copy of Garfield's earlier pet visit report, and my references checked out, that all was done.

We are all still adjusting to having Garfield as a member of our family, but since so many of you were hoping they would get along, I wanted to share some photos of the boys together:


  1. We are so happy Chester has a brother and they get along so well! I'm a firm believer cats should be in pairs :)

  2. How wonderful the boys are getting along.

  3. Way to go, Garfield. You knew right from the start this was your new home, didn't you?

    Concats to all of you.