Monday, January 28, 2013

Exotic Shorthair Chester: I have a small nose

Chester here! I wanted to talk about something that I don't talk about very much. It's my nose.

Mom has spoken before about Garfield being in better health than I am. He can breathe better than I can. He doesn't clear his throat like I do. He doesn't have to sit with his head tilted back like I sometimes have to do. And when we go to the vet, he doesn't end up panting for a half hour like I do. He can jump higher than I can and he doesn't tire out as easily as I do - Garfield can play for an hour straight. 

You can see in this video that I have to rest after some playing.

You might think that I'm jealous. I'm not. I have two things that Garfield does not. The first is that my days spent in ill health have given me a vivid imagination and it has cultivated my artistic temperament. I have elevated mushing fleecy blankies, burying poop, and pouncing on my foam rubber crescent to new heights.

I also take extra care to lick my paws. It's always nice to start with a face rub:



  1. Both of you have flatter faces than we do. Sweet Praline had a flat face, but her nose wasn't so smooshed in.

    1. Mom has something saved on her iPad that shows the 4 different types of the flat faces! I think I have the most "extreme" of the flat faces - eek!-Chester