Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester has other ideas

Chester arrived on Sunday and by Monday morning he wanted out of the safe rooms! I let him out for "supervised visits" to the kitchen/dining room/living room of our apartment before I left for work and after I arrived home. My husband (he doesn't have an internet presence so I won't be using his name) wasn't thrilled that I wasn't following the plan and letting him out of his rooms, but on Tuesday A. was ok with the boy hanging out with us in the living room at night. Now we had to cat-proof the rest of the apartment quickly instead of in the two weeks we thought we had!


  1. It is only necessary to have such a lengthy quarantine period if you have other cats, which you don't seem to, and there is a risk of illness. Otherwise it is perfectly fine to move at Chester's pace...if he want out then let him explore his surroundings :-) He will always let you know when he is ready for new things.

    1. That is much better advice than the breeder at the cat show gave!