Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Exotic Shorthair Chester: Today I bought dusting wipes - for the cat

Chester began living in his new forever home on Father's Day of 2011 so there's much more to tell. I'm going to interrupt with an update on some more recent adventures.

Chester became very interested in the tv chest in the master bedroom. First, he attempted to jump into the small shelf in the middle and when that didn't work he leapt in front of the tv. It wasn't such a great place for him, though - something about there not being enough room for both him and the tv. A. and I moved his cat tree (which wasn't getting much use) into our bedroom. And voila he climbed onto it immediately! The next day, I shifted the position of the tree because the openings of the condo faced the wrong way. I also moved the tree closer to the armoire because it looked better than way. A. wasn't thrilled with the change because he thought the cat would jump onto the top of the armoire. But Chester hadn't been the best jumper in the past, I argued, so he knew better than to do that.

Last night when I came home I discovered a trail of dust left by Mr. Kitty (Chester's current nickname when he's not going by "The Kitty") indicating something happened. Clue #1: Two dense, flat pieces of dust (that looked like grey packed snow) on the floor of the bedroom, between his cat tree and the tv armoire. Clue #2: Three lighter pieces of the grey dust on the top tray of his cat tree. Clue #3 (This involved getting on a step ladder to view) paw prints in the dense dust on the top of the armoire. A. came home from a business trip close to 11:00 PM so I didn't clean the evidence so he could see for himself and we could both have a laugh.

This morning as I'm brushing my teeth and walking out of the bathroom, there's Mr. Kitty on the top of the armoire (!), sitting and looking very proud of himself.  So now I really need to clean the top of the armoire. I collect a Swiffer cloth,  dustpan, and step ladder.  And yes, you can probably guess where this is going as I climb and dust. Of course - Mr. Kitty lays down at the edge of the armoire in the not-snow and wants to play! I tried to clean The Kitty with my hands as best I could in the one minute I had left before I had to finish getting ready for work.

During lunch I went to Petco to purchase a slicker brush since Mr. Kitty is shedding his winter coat. And that's where I discovered - and bought - cat dusting cloths!


  1. Hi Chester, good to meet you. You are very handsome too.

    Do have your noo 'beans trained yet?, we think so!!


    1. Hi Team Tabby! Nice to meet other orange and bi-color tabbies. My new parents are learning what to do very well. First I had to help them understand that the advice they got was for other cats. Once we cleared that hurdle I was able to show them the right way to do things with me.

  2. We've never seen them but we're going to send Mom to Mr. Google to look them up.

    The Florida Furkids

    1. Hi Furkids! I'm from central Florida and my new mommy and daddy lived in West Palm Beach. I miss all of the birds! Now about those dust wipes. I was able to get the dust off very well by myself. Mommy thinks it was a good idea to use them anyway. She bought the Petkin unscented in the baby wipes container. They make my ear wipes and they get a lot of wax out of my ears!

  3. Hi Chester!!!!! We do indeed think you are cute ;)
    We had a nice giggle at your adventures too ;) heehee
    We must admit, we had not heard of cat dusting wipes.
    We like to be dusty :) heeheehee (Mom not so much)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

    1. Hi Guys! Thank you very much. It's so much easier to say I'm cute than to call me an "Exotic Shorthair". Everyone says I'm cute anyway and I'm not very exotic - I was born in Florida and then I moved to Nashville. It just makes me sound all uppity - which I'm not - I'm a little goofball! I'm glad you liked my adventures! That's really why I convinced mommy to start a blog - every so often I do something that surprises mommy and daddy. About those dusting wipes thingies - I never heard of them either!!! It was so annoying and not to mention embarrassing! Only a human could have thought of that one! I don't understand what the what the big fuss is anyway - I *do* have a tongue.