Monday, March 26, 2012

He's so little! Even his paw pads

Something that I still can't get over is that Chester's so little. Some cats you know run on the smaller side when you see a picture of them. Chester looked - and still looks - bigger in pictures than he is in person. 

A. mentioned to the breeder that I preferred large cats. She told us he was 10 lbs., perhaps so I wouldn't be disappointed. In his pictures he looks like a 10 lb. cat but he's closer to 8.5lbs.

A few days ago, I found a couple of stray claw sheaths in my office and showed it to a co-worker who has a very big cat. Her reaction was that they were so dainty! 

And even though I squee in delight at the different parts of Chester's body (his puffy tail, his mouth and its silly expressions, the small claws) my all time favorite are his teeny paw pads. Toe floof makes the paw pads appear even smaller than they really are!

The 3:00 position

Obligatory Close up
And they're so soft!


  1. Our human would probably fall all over herself squeeing at Chester's smallness. :-P

    Actually, she thinks we're small at about 11 and 12 pounds -- her first adoptee, now "angel" Chumley, topped out at 18 pounds. Not fat, just tall, very big boned, and very, very furry!

    -Nicki and Derry at Fuzzy Tales (we see we're signed into the human's account by mistake).

    1. I'm sure of it! I also can't help but pick him up and kiss the scruff of his neck :) You know exactly what I mean, guys! I had a cat who was 11 lbs and considered her small and a big tabby who was 18, maybe 19 lbs. I was hoping Chester would weigh in at 15 but now I am a convert to his stocky but small physique.

  2. Hi Smooshy ~ our HuMom loves smooshy-faces, purrably cause we both have smooshy faces (we are Himmies) ... and like you, we're teeny-tiny
    weighing in at just 6 (Mags) and 7 (Zo) pounds!
    Bet we'd all get along real good ... you are one handsome fellow and we're glad to meet you!
    Come visit us sometime ... Maggy and Zoey, the
    Zoolatry Girls

    1. Hi Maggy and Zoey! Nice to meet fellow smooshy faces! Oh wow, you're smaller than me!

  3. His little pink paws are adorable although I have no idea how that position can possibly be comfortable - LOL!!!

    1. So true! This is one of those times when it would be nice if cats could talk so he could tell us why would sit that way. I guess the exposed paw pads are cooling him down but there's got to be a better way to stay cool!