Friday, December 21, 2012

Are Exotic Shorthair cats for you?

Exotic Shorthair Chester here!

Exotic Shorthair cats are becoming more and more popular. You may wonder if we are the right breed for you, so I've put together a very short presentation. Please go to the comments section at the bottom of this page to leave any questions you may have so my people can answer them.

We're cats who like being near our people:

Our flat faces are normal to us and soon you'll agree that other cats look weird:

We like to play. When we're not playing we like to stare at our humans:

You might want to bathe us, which means you'll also give us a blow dry:

Our eyes may require daily cleaning, sometimes more than once a day:

Something that you may not find out in your reading about our breed is that some of us make noises.
Here are 2 videos of me grooming myself so you can start to get used to these sounds:

The sound is low on this video so you'll need to turn up your volume:


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    1. Thanks! Does FitzRoy snort or slurp? Garfield has larger nostrils than Chester and G is built like a horse; he doesn't make odd sounds. It took months for me to accept that Chester exhibits some traits of brachycephalic syndrome rather than suffering from a cold he can't shake.