Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chester's blogging tips

Exotic Shorthair Chester here!

A lot of people and cats are under the impression that blogging is something that's easy. It's hard work but I have some tips that can help you to start your own blog or give you some ideas if you already have a blog.

I never know when inspiration will come:

Idea #897: String - compare different varieties of string. No, scratch that. No, don't scratch that. String, string...strin ::yawn:: s  t   r  i  n  g

Image is so important. I give thought to EVERY picture that appears in the blog:
The picture on the left - no, that is too, too ... no cat will be able to relate to me. I need to show an image of being RELATABLE and an everycat and yet NOT an everycat. The lower right one - I look too satisfied. I'm HUNGRY, HUNGRY (oh, is it time to eat?) ::ahem:: my work is never done - people have to come to the page thinking that my work is DONE but it's not. EVER. The upper right-hand one - now that's the picture - we'll go with that one ...wait... include the one on the left, also...and throw in a little bit about the photographer, too.

It's important to give it back. If you don't pass it on then you'll lose it and then it's not yours ::shivers::. I don't even know what that means but it's something that stuck with me and then it gave me the idea for this next story. My mom and dad went to Costco and gave me this box. I didn't want anything happening to this box, so I decided to write about it.


Sir - what about this? "Human things that they put their food bowls on that double as a place to nap"

Kid, that's a nice try but people and cats don't come here for that. Which brings me to my next point - for every story that makes it here, there are like 10 that don't make it here. Don't worry about Garfield, he's on staff and isn't going anywhere!

Sometimes I won't blog about something but I'll do a video instead. So let the process take you where it takes you. It will take you...and then you'll be confused. Then do something because if you don't do something then all you are is confused. Got that?  Anyway, here's what happened with me and the string!


  1. Does your Mum enjoy the string game too Chester?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. Hi Hannah and Lucy! Lucky for me, she doesn't but knows that I like string so she'll play with me. We have moved onto the felt wand, though (it's much more fun!)