Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Garfield: I'm long

Hi! It's Garfield. Chester is very proud to be an exotical cat. I'm exotical, too but I'm long!

Here's my paw! I like this one because there's red around my paw pad.

These are the rest of my paws. My back paws are white and my other front paw has a little bit of red on my toes.

This is my face. I have some freckles on my nose. Mom used to think they were dirt and once she tried to clean them up!


You're probably going to think I'm being rude. I just want to show you my back! I have a long tail. It gets very puffy sometimes - mostly when I run after Chester!

I like to sit like this.

And on my back too!

But sometimes I try to do things when I'm on my back or I try to get up. They are both hard to do!
Here's a video so you can see what I mean!


  1. Garfield, we like all your photos, but that pic of you flat on the table is priceless!

  2. Garfield, you are both handsome and ADORABLE!!!
    We LOVE your face. And your paws. Ok, your back is really cool too. Oh, and the tail...
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  3. Garfield, our Dad knows about trying to remove freckles. Radcliff has a little black spot on his nose. The first time Dad noticed it, he spend a couple minutes trying to wipe it off, thinking Radcliff got into some grease.

    R used to like to sleep under the car, so he would show up with dirt on his back all the time.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you - I'm so glad you enjoyed this post! Chester doesn't know it yet but I have a lot more pictures of me that I would like to share on the blog! -Garfield