Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chester with and without primping

Exotic Shorthair Chester here! Hey- in case you haven't heard the news, me and The Kid are in Catster. This is the link.

I wanted to let everyone know that it takes a lot to make a cat like me look good. Hours upon hours go into what you see in pictures and on video. Let me explain.

So here is the finished product:

It has filters and is one of like a thousand photos that ma took to get this perfect shot.

Do you want to know what I looked like before?* Gah!!:

After cleaning my eyes, there was a bath:

A lot of fur came off (but I got treats!):

I tolerated the blow drying:

They never get it *quite* right, though. Here I am cleaning myself. (I couldn't take the lack of filters anymore - I hope you don't mind!):

I hope this has revealed that it's a lot of work to get a cat like me ready for the camera.

Here's a video of me after all of the preparation:

*Don't worry - this is the absolute worst Chester's eyes can get when he wakes up in the morning. We are sure to clean them well when this happens - mom Janna


  1. So cute. I'm always running after FitzRoy to clean his eyes!

    1. Hi Wendy! OMG - it's like taking care of a child with a constant sniffle!

  2. WE're kinda impressed that you spend the entire video sitting next to a perfect attackable box, and never even tried to jump inside. Was Garfield sleeping in there or something?

    1. Lol - you would think he was! Actually, I couldn't resist standing in this circle of paper. It came inside that box (shhh - don't tell anyone but you can get a box *and* paper like this if you order a big litter box from Petco!) -Chester

  3. Brulee's eyes drain a lot and Mom Paula is constantly cleaning them.

    1. Does she mind your doing that for her? I've taken to doing it Chester's way some of the time because after 3 cleanings in the day he's had it. I'll let him lick my finger and he'll use it to clean his eyes. The way his face is shaped makes it difficult for him to clean his eyes himself. I also think he's used to having it done for his or would prefer to shake his head to clean his eyes which leaves brown liquid here and there :(