Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chester discusses his weight

Chester here! Now that I am a public figure, I am attracting some unwanted attention, mostly regarding my weight. My image consultants (mom and dad) suggest that I directly address the gossip. I am also available for follow up interviews since I live in New York City (or erm, as a last-minute replacement if the scheduled guest falls through.)

People are saying that I am either chubby or fat. Now I fully support a cat's decision to be his or her "happy weight" and I stand against feline obesity (see: Meow). However, I am NOT a fat cat!

I possess the ideal body type of my Exotic Shorthair breed as determined by the Cat Fanciers' Association,  which is a cobby or stocky build.

I have short legs:

A short and bushy tail:

And short a body. I also have small ears and a wide neck. Because I was a breeding cat, my head is large.

I now weigh approximately 8.20 lbs. I have gained a few ounces in my retirement, which is mostly the result of my new diet. I am on a prescription dental food to address my gingivitis. This food has "carbs".

I also require fiber since I am not a purrveyor of wet food. I do appreciate the gravy in Fancy Feast's flaked tuna which enables me to consume Benefiber. This has helped me to ::blush:: poop more effectively thereby stopping most instances of blood in the previously mentioned poop.

Here I am eating my tuna gravy and Benefiber:


  1. Hey, Chester. If you get the tuna gravy, who gets the tuna? Or is your Mom piling up a bunch of gravy-less tuna cans in the cool box?

    1. Hey guys! Why don't I get a box like that? I used to get the tuna but then I started to put on too much weight! Now ma throws it out? Do you want to come over for leftovers since I can't eat them?

  2. People have accused FitzRoy of being fat too but he's only 7.6 lbs! They don't understand Exotic Shorthair style!

    1. Exactly! I like what says:

      "The ideal Exotic should present an impression of a heavily boned, well balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft, round lines. It is compact, not fat, with the weight being attributed to the density of the bones. It’s short, stout legs holding up a round muscular physique."